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You can take advantage of the LiveAgent free trial and get to know the features firsthand at no cost and without commitment. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it,” said Scottish scientist William Thomson. This adage underscores the relevance of establishing and applying KPIs in any organization regardless of its nature. These identifiers are flexible enough to encapsulate many of the major areas of a department like customer support. For instance, you can measure a KPI like service time and match it with the rate of satisfied customers within a given timeframe. This way, you can adjust your workforce’s workflow if the customer satisfaction rate is low.

  • You have to divide the sum of all times to resolution by the total number of cases resolved.
  • Although a low MTTR is a worthy objective, many IT Support organizations go too far in trying to enforce aggressive service levels.
  • Key performance indicators undoubtedly provide valuable insights into an organization’s operations.
  • Most importantly, Zendesk provides the tools agents need to collaborate with their colleagues through add-ons like Slack.

Longer resolution times generally lead to customer dissatisfaction and vice versa. Having a large volume of tickets may look good on the surface, but underneath it may be indicative of a problem. You may be having issues with your products or services; hence, many customers are complaining and reaching out to you. KPI is used to measure performance and success, while metrics are simply numbers within a KPI that help track performance and progress. KPIs are usually initiated by high-level decision-makers in the organization based on metrics extracted and organized by activity or process.

Step 4: Monitor and report on the KPIs.

He has been cooperating with the FinancesOnline team for 5 years now, and his publications always focus on practical aspects of productivity tools that can have an actual, transformative impact on a company. Insights have to be derived from the data, from which plans are formed to augment any identified pain point. It’s best that you check if the software you’re planning to purchase tracks all the KPIs that are relevant to your business, so you wouldn’t have to worry about setting and monitoring them. Some even provide insights to let users focus on improving their operations, not the nitty-gritty. It allows you to quantify the efficiency of your day-to-day operations across your support team and ensures your customers’ issues are being dealt with expeditiously.

kpi for support team

No more having to calculate your KPIs on an overly complicated spreadsheet or by hand. Our color-coded charts and graphs let you know if they’re on, ahead or behind schedule for time, cost, workload and tasks, with their percentage of progress calculated automatically. Modern businesses of today thrive on effective communication and robust teamwork, both of which are integral for organizational success.

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If you manage or own a customer helpdesk organization, your business’s core efficiencies are based around these helpdesk objectives. And they are designed to ensure optimal functioning through the measurement of these core efficiencies. You can improve your average resolution time by creating a detailed knowledge base and integrating it into your team inbox (this will allow support reps to share a relevant article in a few clicks). Give your support reps access to real-time customer data and internal notes. Various discounts and loyalty programs are a proven way to retain people who stick with your brand for a long time. Without a doubt, customer service plays a crucial role in building trusting relationships.

For instance, if there is a high volume of troubleshooting questions for a particular product after three months, your company could proactively provide steps on how to keep a product working as expected. Real-time KPI tracking allows for the identification of negative short-term trends before they develop into long-term crises. There is also the concept of SLO (Service Level Objective), which can also be used in conjunction with the SLA. The SLO is used in conjunction with the SLA bringing a more restricted working parameter, making the process work in a tighter pattern. For example, if your first response SLA is 4 hours, your SLO can be 2 hours, and the process can be defined according to this most difficult parameter. In case there is no SLA policy in the contract, the team can define an internal SLO to guide their definitions and process standards.

Monitoring the performance of your support activities helps you take control and service your customers better, boosting your customer loyalty. So, KPI is a key performance indicator, and it’s a measurement that demonstrates how effectively a company is at achieving key business objectives. 8-10 simple questions taken from customer post-chat surveys can help you identify the happiness score of your customers.

Companies often make the mistake of adopting vague KPIs that don’t reflect their business processes and thus fail to see any substantial impact. Your KPIs should be linked to organizational goals so that you know that the company is on the right track. For instance, companies may define their development strategies under the perspectives of finance, internal business processes, learning and growth, and customer. Accordingly, the KPIs that you set too should fall under these categories. Discover how other companies improved their most business-critical customer support KPIs. Returns & Warranty KPIs are designed to measure and track the efficiency of the returns and warranty processes, including the time it takes to resolve customer issues and the cost of returns.

Customer support KPIs are a series of measurements which allow a company to track the success of their operations in relation to achieving their goals or objectives. Key Performance Indicators help managers evaluate how their employees are doing, the value they bring to a team and how their work (and the customer experience) can be improved. The data-driven nature of success metrics empowers teams to make informed decisions, remove gut fell, and have a clear understanding of the impact of their work. With success metrics and KPIs in place, support teams can continuously strive for excellence, delivering exceptional service and exceeding customer expectations. This creates more work for agents that results in wait time and longer resolution times.

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The balanced scorecard is a mechanism that aggregates the most important metrics—all those we have covered in this Metric of the Month—into a single, all-inclusive measure of performance. The value of this metric, when tracked over time, is that it lets you determine whether overall performance is improving or getting worse. Moreover, it provides a useful benchmark for comparing your performance against other support organizations.

Benchmarking agents or reps creates healthy competition and, conversely, lets you identify those that may need additional nurturing. KPI is linked to a target value or goal which provides actionable data so you, or any other stakeholders, can make informed decisions. A KPI gives you insight into how well your team or unit is performing in pursuit of clearly defined team goals and in line with management-defined objectives.

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Limiting the number of KPIs on the board at any given time keeps everyone on track and increases the likelihood of success. The Rockefeller Framework for management suggests having one main priority for each quarter, along with 3-5 “rocks” or KPIs that support the main goal. Any more than that, and your focus is too divided to make any real progress, says Rockefeller.

If you don’t correct that impression, you’ll unwittingly encourage other behaviors that will invariably work against you. KPIs can differ from organization to organization, but the essentials remain constant. Project managers understand how KPIs are a helpful benchmark to increase productivity in teams and improve costs, cycle time and stakeholder satisfaction. Please note that questions should be short and written in a simple language, while the surveys should load fast and be accessible from any device. When it comes to the metrics of IT service and support, less really is more!

kpi for support team

Being one of the critical customer support metrics, customer satisfaction determines how happy your customers are with your service. The higher the satisfaction score means longer is the customer lifetime value (CLTV). Businesses work on improving this metric to increase customer satisfaction scores, boost team efficiency, and reduce support costs. Team KPIs can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a team’s performance.

kpi for support team

In our example, we have visualized the monthly customer churn rate over the course of almost a year and, in this case, calculations include cancellations and downgrades. You can instantaneously spot which months performed best and which ones encountered issues. We can see that October is showing particularly higher churn rates and this information enables us to dig deeper and discover why. In this article, you will find a detailed rundown of the essential customer service KPIs, critical for agents, managers, and leaders in companies that deal with customers on a daily basis.

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