Wafermine: the worlds first patented sublingual racemic ketamine wafer for pain and depression

But there is still much to learn about how ketamine works, which dosages are effective, and how safe it is. In this article, we’ll discuss ketamine’s medical uses, side effects, and more. The people who had cocaine addictions got ketamine through an IV for 5 days, in addition to 5 weeks of mindfulness relapse prevention therapy. An overdose of ketamine can cause unconsciousness or slowed breathing, which is very dangerous. After a few minutes, your heart rate speeds up and your blood pressure begins to go down.

Recently, there was a major scientific breakthrough in understanding ketamine’s mechanism of action. Last month, Field Trip, a chain of ketamine clinics, was listed on the Nasdaq. Plus, ketamine clinics have been popping up like Starbucks in major urban areas. Risk factors for fatal overdose include low drug tolerance, low body weight, and taking ketamine with opiates or alcohol. If you or a loved one is struggling with ketamine addiction, seek help. A substance abuse professional can guide you toward the best treatment option.

The Difference Between Ketamine Infusions And Recreational Ketamine

Getting support from friends, family, and professional facilities can assist you in overcoming your addiction and living your life free of substances. The warning followed a similar advisory last year about nasal spray versions of ketamine. Overall, this psychedelic compound is showing promise in treating mental health issues. However, more research is needed to discover ketamine addiction how it could offer hope to patients with other psychiatric comorbidities like anxiety and bipolar disorder. Flashbacks to visual hallucinations have been reported after recreational ketamine use, but recurring symptoms are rare. Several factors determine how the body responds to ketamine, including the person’s height, weight, ketamine tolerance and health.

Abuse of large doses can also lead to powerful visual hallucinations that are intensified by environmental stimuli. If you have certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure or heart-related problems, or certain mental health conditions, such as schizophrenia, ketamine may not be safe for you. Your doctor can tell you about the latest research and medical uses for ketamine, including the pros and cons of the drug.

What Happens During a Ketamine Overdose?

We’ll be examining the symptoms to look out for, and factors that can increase the risk of developing a dependence or addiction to ketamine. This article will also look into trusted treatments that can help overcome ketamine misuse. The generic drug can be purchased cheaply and prescribed by most physicians and some nurses, regardless of their training.